Every week, cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan tackle the week's news with fresh takes on current affairs, exclusive insights from the staff of Vanity Fair’s The Hive, and a featured conversation with a marquee guest at the center of the action who can help decipher and comprehend the headlines, whether in politics, media or entertainment


Title Date published
You Won't Believe What Trump Said About His Middle Name 2020-01-10
Will 2020 Kick Off the Gene-Editing Revolution? 2020-01-03
How Jared Kushner and Kim Kardashian’s Pet Issue Could Shape 2020 2019-12-27
Ronan Farrow Tells All: Weinstein, NBC, and Why Cancel Culture Is Bunk 2019-12-20
Why the $120,000 Banana Is the New Mona Lisa 2019-12-13
Is It Possible to Get Trump Out of Your Head? 2019-12-06
Three Mayors and a Turkey 2019-11-29
Can a Whistleblower Really Bring Down Trump? 2019-11-22
Are Evil Capitalist Overlords Ruining Our Lives? 2019-11-15
Director Errol Morris on Bannon, Holmes, and the Scam of the Century 2019-11-08
Kanye, Kim, Trump and the Battle for the White House 2019-11-01
Sam Harris Explains Why There’s No Free Will 2019-10-25
The 2020 Terror That Keeps Democrats Up at Night 2019-10-18
Why Can’t #MeToo Bring Down Trump? 2019-10-11
Will Impeachment Cost Democrats the White House? 2019-10-04
Inside the 9/11 Coverup Worse Than Ukraine 2019-09-27
Did Adnan Syed Do It? 2019-09-20
Was Uber's CEO a Sociopath? 2019-09-13
Trump and “1984”: Inside the Plot to Break the Media 2019-09-06
Could Gene Editing Turn You Into Captain America? 2019-08-30

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