Every week, Nick Bilton interviews the leading minds in tech, politics, and culture to find out what motivates them, how they make decisions, what keeps them up at night, where their ideas come from, who they look to for advice, and where they think their industry is going. Bilton brings you into the room where the world's most interesting and important decisions are made.


Title Date published
Has the NRA Met its Maker? 2018-02-23
Trump is Proof There is no God 2018-02-16
The Great Trump Recession? 2018-02-09
How Trump F**cked Democracy 2018-02-02
The Threat Worse Than Trump 2018-01-26
How Donald Trump Could Crush Facebook 2018-01-19
Let's Meet Some Robots! 2018-01-12
Are We Approaching the End of Days? 2018-01-05
Will We Finally Stop Talking About Trump in 2018? 2017-12-29
This Podcast Could Make You Filthy Rich! 2017-12-22
How to Beat Donald Trump at Twitter 2017-12-15
Forget the Dow, Trump Is About to Trigger Financial Armageddon 2017-12-08
Even America's Top Expert on God Can't Explain Donald Trump 2017-12-01
This Podcast Will Scare You To Death (Seriously) 2017-11-24
The Gwyneth Paltrow Industry 2017-11-17
Can We Turn Texas Blue? 2017-11-10
Imagine Jared Kushner is Your Boss… 2017-11-04
And Then There Were Four 2017-10-27
The End of Harveywood 2017-10-20
Decoding Trump's Lies 2017-10-13

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