Two pragmatic geeks talk about the latest news concerning Linux, free and open technology or anything else they deem noteworthy which may include such absurd things as hockey or bands you never heard of. This means there's many a joke and derailed conversation along the way, so don't come here expecting only Linux or software freedom talk — just sit back and relax, partner.


Title Date published
Important Message 2015-11-30
Linux Outlaws 370 – Stay Free, Stay Open Source 2014-12-29
Linux Outlaws 369 – Dan Lynch’s Hubcap Six 2014-12-22
Linux Outlaws 368 – The Dark Ages of Free Software 2014-12-14
Linux Outlaws 367 – Free as in GNU Piss 2014-12-11
Linux Outlaws 366 – The Imperial Hubcap Collection 2014-11-16
Linux Outlaws 365 – Last Stand 2014-11-03
Linux Outlaws 364 – You Weren’t There, Man! 2014-10-26
Linux Outlaws 363 – OggCamp 14 Podcaster Panel 2014-10-20
Linux Outlaws 362 – Hitler Funk 2014-10-02
Linux Outlaws 361 – Leather Trousers 2014-10-01

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