Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.


Title Date published
“Owned in the Oval.” 2018-12-13
“Hot tub crime machine.” 2018-12-10
“Tariff Man without a plan.” 2018-12-06
“Quid pro penthouse.” 2018-12-03
“Yo, collusion!” 2018-11-29
“Subpoena cannon.” 2018-11-26
“Podsgiving mailbag!” 2018-11-21
“That’s Chairman Schitt to you.” 2018-11-19
“A hit Trump will holler.” 2018-11-15
“Wet president.” 2018-11-13
“We won.” 2018-11-08
“The election is nigh!” 2018-11-05
"Every state is a swing state." 2018-10-31
“From Charlottesville to Pittsburgh.” 2018-10-29
"Caravan of Lies." 2018-10-24
“Pollercoaster.” 2018-10-22
“They’re coming for your health care.” 2018-10-17
"Ride or die with dictators." 2018-10-15
"Democracy in a headlock." 2018-10-10
“November is coming.” 2018-10-08

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