Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.


Title Date published
“Pod Save The Realm.” (Game of Thrones bonus!) 2019-05-21
“Republican(s) for Impeachment.” (LIVE from DC!) 2019-05-20
"Half past a Handmaid’s Tale.” (LIVE from Brooklyn) 2019-05-17
“Joementum.” 2019-05-13
2020: Eric Swalwell on gun control and being bold 2019-05-10
“A contest of sick burns.” 2019-05-09
“Killing it on the economy.” 2019-05-06
2020: John Hickenlooper on brewing beer and winning purple states 2019-05-03
“Legislative cosplay.” 2019-05-02
2020: Tim Ryan on the working class and yoga 2019-04-30
“The pundit gap.” 2019-04-29
2020: Seth Moulton On Patriotism And Beating Trump On National Security 2019-04-26
“Make America 2016 Again?” 2019-04-25
“Impeach ‘em if you got ‘em.” 2019-04-23
2020: Kirsten Gillibrand on Medicare for All and speaking truths (From Jan. 22) 2019-04-22
“This is the end of my presidency. I’m f*cked.” 2019-04-18
2020: Kamala Harris on American identity and secret recipes 2019-04-17
2020: Jay Inslee on climate change and beating Donald Trump 2019-04-16
“Live Free or Run for President.” (LIVE in New Hampshire) 2019-04-15
"Fascist cosplay." (LIVE in Boston) 2019-04-12

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