Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. You can listen to new episodes twice a week, and starting on October 26, 2021, we will be shifting our schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Title Date published
Offline: Jia Tolentino on the Internet’s Endless Stage 2021-10-24
“Darkest before a deal.” 2021-10-21
“Terry vs. Trump.” 2021-10-18
Offline with Jon Favreau (coming October 24/sneak peek) 2021-10-17
"Two Truths & the Big Lie." (with Jen Psaki!) 2021-10-14
“Trump’s running again, again.” 2021-10-11
"Coming soon to Pod Save America." 2021-10-10
“Not my default.” 2021-10-07
“Civility down the toilet.” 2021-10-04
“The fun part.” 2021-09-30
“Cyber Ninjas Stop the Steal.” 2021-09-27
“Humane immigration and salad vaccination.” 2021-09-23
“Joe vs. the Fall-cano.” 2021-09-20
“You win some, you Newsom.” 2021-09-16
“Sick of vaxxing nicely.” 2021-09-13
“Elder Abuse.” 2021-09-09
“Resignation Dogs.” 2021-08-30
“Problems not solved.” 2021-08-26
“The Media’s Afghanistan Amnesia.” 2021-08-24
“Third shot’s the charm.” 2021-08-19

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