Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. You can listen to new episodes twice a week, and starting on October 26, 2021, we will be shifting our schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Title Date published
“Putin’s Paperless Post.” 2018-07-24
“Crazy pills.” 2018-07-19
“Helsinki warmed over.” 2018-07-17
“America’s crazy old uncle.” 2018-07-12
“Kavanuts.” 2018-07-10
Introducing The Wilderness (Trailer) 2018-07-09
“Life, liberty and the pursuit of pod.” (Mailbag episode!) 2018-07-05
“Hot takes on ICE.” 2018-07-03
“Fight like hell.” 2018-06-28
“Stephen Miller went to Duke.” (LIVE from Durham!) 2018-06-25
“I vote. Do u?” (LIVE from Nashville) 2018-06-24
“Sta-cey! Sta-cey! Sta-cey!” (LIVE from Atlanta) 2018-06-22
"Last call for democracy.” 2018-06-19
“Wild Wild GOP.” 2018-06-14
“Kim Jong Un is not your BFF.” 2018-06-12
“Don’t tweet, vote.” 2018-06-07
“Immunity by congressional majority.” 2018-06-05
“The outrage election.” 2018-05-31
“This is who we are.” 2018-05-28
“A wicked clutch election.” (LIVE from Boston!) 2018-05-26

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