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Title Date published
Episode 156: The Greatest Constitutional Amendment Bracket debuts! How much of a danger is Qanon, really? 2021-03-05
Episode 155: Is Andrew Cuomo untouchable? 2021-03-03
Episode 154: What does real world bipartisanship look like? 2021-02-26
Episode 153: Where's my stimulus? A political guide on when to expect your check 2021-02-24
Episode 152: The Lincoln Project is truly an awful organization 2021-02-19
Episode 151: Is Ron DeSantis "Competent Trump?" 2021-02-17
Episode 150: Impeachment wraps up. Gavin begins recall defense. Should mean tweets dictate federal government jobs? 2021-02-12
Episode 149: Decoding what everyone REALLY wants out of the doomed impeachment sequel 2021-02-10
Episode 148: Why getting the facts about AOC's Capitol Riot story matters 2021-02-05
Episode 147: The Trump 2020 Internal Polling Autopsy 2021-02-03
Episode 146: GameStop, Hedge Funds, DC and the truth about internet mobs 2021-01-29
Episode 145: The Democratic argument for spiking the impeachment trial of Donald Trump 2021-01-27
Episode 144: Biden attempts to dismantle Trump legacy. Who do Democrats and Republican believe is most discriminated against? 2021-01-22
Episode 143: BIDEN INAUGURATION SPECIAL 2021-01-20
Episode 142: SPECIAL: Section 230 Roundtable hosted by Tom Merritt of The Daily Tech News Show 2021-01-19
Episode 141: Winner and Losers for Impeachment 2 2021-01-15
Episode 140: Calculating the incalculable fall of Donald Trump FIXED 2021-01-13
Episode 139: Trump ends campaign, 2020 is finally over 2021-01-08
Episode 138: Is America Over? (with Andrew Heaton and Jen Briney) 2021-01-07
Episode 137: DEMS TAKE SENATE!?! Live from Georgia! 2021-01-06

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