CFR’s Religion and Foreign Policy Program serves as a resource for the faith community, bringing together congregational and lay leaders, religion scholars, and representatives of faith-based organizations for conversations on issues at the intersection of religion and global affairs.


Title Date published
The Indian Farmer Protests 0001-01-01
COVID-19’s Effect on Displaced Peoples 0001-01-01
Religious Communities' Role in Countering Epidemics 0001-01-01
The Role Religion Could Play in the 2020 Election 0001-01-01
Responding to COVID-19 0001-01-01
The International Court of Justice's Recent Ruling on the Rohingya Genocide 0001-01-01
Shia-Sunni Relations and the Implications of the Killing of Qasem Soleimani 0001-01-01
Brexit and the Future of Northern Ireland 0001-01-01
The Future of the Kurds in Syria 0001-01-01
U.S.-Iran Relations 0001-01-01
Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Control 0001-01-01
Islam and Religious Freedom 0001-01-01
Prospects for Peace in Yemen 0001-01-01
Peace and Politics in South Asia 0001-01-01
New Approaches to Countering Global Extremism 0001-01-01
The Pope's Historic Visit to the United Arab Emirates 0001-01-01
Democracy and Authoritarianism in Brazil 0001-01-01
The Fourth National Climate Assessment 0001-01-01
Russia, Ukraine, and the Orthodox Church 0001-01-01
Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom 0001-01-01

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