Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Every 10 days, a new episode is published that covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is an independent and non-commercial organization. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 license.


Title Date published
423: Ryan Singer on Remote Work 2020-08-25
Episode 422: Michael Geers on Micro Frontends 2020-08-17
Episode 421: Doug Fawley on gRPC 2020-08-11
Episode 420: Ryan Ripley on Making Scrum Work 2020-08-06
Episode 419: John Ellithorpe on the Role of a CTO 2020-07-28
Episode 418: Functional Programming in Enterprise Applications 2020-07-22
Episode 417: Alex Petrov on Database Storage Engines 2020-07-16
416: Adam Shostack on Threat Modeling 2020-07-09
Episode 415: Berkay on Incident Management 2020-06-30
Episode 414: Jens Gustedt on Modern C 2020-06-23
Episode 413: Spencer Kimball on CockroachDB 2020-06-16
Episode 412: Sam Gavis Hughson on Technical Interviews 2020-06-09
Episode 411: Aaron Vonderhaar on Elm 2020-05-28
Episode 410: Sara Leen on Localizing and Porting Japanese Games 2020-05-19
Episode 409: Joe Kutner on the Twelve Factor App 2020-05-13
Episode 408: Mike McCourt on Voice and Speech Analysis 2020-05-04
Episode 407: Juval Lowy on Righting Software 2020-04-23
Episode 406: Torin Sandall on Distributed Policy Enforcement 2020-04-14
Episode 405: Yevgeniy Brikman on Infrastructure as Code Best Practices 2020-04-07
Episode 404: Bert Hubert on DNS Security 2020-03-26

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