Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Every 10 days, a new episode is published that covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is an independent and non-commercial organization. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 license.


Title Date published
SE-Radio Episode 325: Tammy Butow on Chaos Engineering 2018-05-29
SE-Radio Episode 324: Marc Hoffmann on Code Test Coverage Analysis and Tools 2018-05-21
SE-Radio Episode 323: Lin Clark on WebAssembly 2018-05-07
SE-Radio Episode 322: Bill Venners on Property Based Tests 2018-04-30
SE-Radio Episode 321: Péter Budai on End to End Encryption 2018-04-10
SE-Radio Episode 320: Nate Taggart on Serverless Paradigm 2018-03-27
SE-Radio Episode 319: Nicole Hubbard on Migrating from VMs to Kubernetes 2018-03-12
SE Radio Episode 318: Veronika Cheplygina on Image Recognition 2018-02-20
SE-Radio Episode 317: Travis Kimmel on Measuring Software Engineering Productivity 2018-02-06
SE-Radio Episode 316: Nicolai Parlog on Java 9 2018-01-30
SE-Radio Episode 315: Jeroen Janssens on Tools for Data Science 2018-01-22
SE-Radio Episode 314: Scott Piper on Cloud Security 2018-01-15
SE-Radio Episode 313: Conor Delanbanque on Hiring and Retaining DevOps 2017-12-18
SE-Radio Episode 312: Sachin Gadre on the Internet of Things 2017-12-11
SE-Radio Episode 311: Armon Dadgar on Secrets Management 2017-12-05
SE-Radio Episode 310: Kirk Pepperdine on Performance Optimization 2017-11-28
SE-Radio-Episode-309-Zane-Lackey-on-Application-Security 2017-11-13
SE Radio Episode 308: Gregor Hohpe on It Architecture and IT Transformation 2017-11-08
SE-Radio Episode 307: Harsh Sinha on Product Management 2017-10-30
SE-Radio Episode 306: Ron Lichty on Managing Programmers 2017-10-16

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