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Title Date published
Andy’s Big News, Plus an Interview With the Creator of ‘Black Earth Rising’ | The Watch (Ep. 324) 2019-01-25
The State of Comedy on Television, Plus a ‘True Detective’ Recap | The Watch (Ep. 323) 2019-01-22
Breaking Down the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Teaser, Plus: Steven Soderbergh's Culture Consumption | The Watch Ep. (322) 2019-01-18
Cautiously Optimistic About ‘True Detective,’ Plus: ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ Sparks a Trend | The Watch (Ep. 321) 2019-01-16
Previewing 'True Detective' Season 3 | The Watch (Ep. 320) 2019-01-11
What the 2019 Golden Globes Were Lacking | The Watch (Ep. 319) 2019-01-08
Netflix Flexes Its Muscles With ‘Bandersnatch’ | The Watch (Ep. 318) 2019-01-04
The 2018 Year in Review Mailbag | The Watch (Ep. 317) 2018-12-27
2018’s Great Wall of Culture | The Watch (Ep. 316) 2018-12-20
The Beauty of ‘Roma’ and What We’re Catching Up on Over the Holidays | The Watch (Ep. 315) 2018-12-18
The Best Television Shows of 2018 With Sam Esmail | The Watch (Ep. 314) 2018-12-13
Jason Mantzoukas Looks Back on This Year in Television and Film | The Watch (Ep. 313) 2018-12-11
Golden Globe Television Nominations and 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 2 | The Watch (Ep. 312) 2018-12-07
'The Mandalorian' News, Plus the Ups and Downs of TV Auteurism | The Watch (Ep. 311) 2018-12-03
‘Widows’ Is a Different Type of Heist Movie and the 1975 Is a Different Type of Rock Band | The Watch (Ep. 310) 2018-11-30
‘Little Drummer Girl’ Creates a World You Want to Dive Into | The Watch (Ep. 309) 2018-11-27
Ben Stiller on Creating ‘Escape at Dannemora’ | The Watch (Ep. 308) 2018-11-20
Previewing ‘Narcos: Mexico’ With Executive Producer Eric Newman | The Watch (Ep. 307) 2018-11-16
Remembering Stan Lee, Plus Homecoming's Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz | The Watch (Ep. 306) 2018-11-13
‘Star Wars' Prequels and ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequels | The Watch (Ep. 305) 2018-11-09

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