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Title Date published
The Brilliance of ‘Homecoming’ | The Watch (Ep. 304) 2018-11-06
‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel News, Plus Previewing ‘Homecoming’ | The Watch (Ep. 303) 2018-11-02
‘Bodyguard,’ Plus Classic Albums As the New Comic Books | The Watch (Ep. 302) 2018-10-29
Do Streaming Services Care About Film History? Plus a Conversation With Matthew Macfadyen of ‘Succession’ | The Watch (Ep. 301) 2018-10-27
What's Changed Since Starting the Show, Favorite Movie Moments of the Year, and Other Mailbag Questions | The Watch (Ep. 300) 2018-10-23
Lukewarm on ‘Camping’ and Hot on ‘Haunting of Hill House,’ Plus a Conversation With ‘Apostle’ Director Gareth Evans | The Watch (Ep. 299) 2018-10-19
Big-Ticket TV Overload and Talking With Carla Gugino of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ | The Watch (Ep. 298) 2018-10-16
‘Better Call Saul’ Season Finale and Talking With ‘Maniac’ Creator Patrick Somerville | The Watch (Ep. 297) 2018-10-12
Yeah, We Loved 'A Star Is Born,' Too | The Watch (Ep. 296) 2018-10-09
Get Ready for the Fantasy TV Bubble | The Watch (Ep. 295) 2018-10-04
Catching Up on ‘Maniac,’ ‘Forever,’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ With Andy Greenwald | The Watch (Ep. 294) 2018-10-01
Fall Movie Preview and Love for ‘Better Call Saul’ | The Watch (Ep. 293) 2018-09-28
Reviewing ‘Maniac’ and ‘Forever,’ Plus Is the DC Extended Universe Cool Again? | The Watch (Ep. 292) 2018-09-25
Cary Fukunaga Takes Over the Bond Franchise, Plus a Live Performance From the Altons | The Watch (Ep. 291) 2018-09-20
The Emmys Earn a Collective Shrug, and ‘The Predator’ Is a Glorious Disaster | The Watch (Ep. 290) 2018-09-18
Behind the Scenes of ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ and ‘American Vandal’ | The Watch (Ep. 289) 2018-09-14
A Check-In With Andy, the Premiere of ‘The Deuce’ Season 2, and a Mid-Season Review of ‘Ozark’ Season 2 | The Watch (Ep. 288) 2018-09-10
The Summer TV Awards | The Watch (Ep. 287) 2018-09-06
A New Format for Superhero Movies, Previewing a Potentially Political Awards Season, and ‘Ozark’ Season 2 | The Watch (Ep. 286) 2018-08-30
True Detective’ Is Coming Back and ‘Sharp Objects’ Wraps, Plus Catching Up on ‘Castle Rock’ and ‘Lodge 49’ | The Watch (Ep. 285) 2018-08-27

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