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Title Date published
Fox, Disney, Comcast, and the Content Wars of Tomorrow. Plus: Book Club Featuring ‘Every Man a Menace,’ With Patrick Hoffman | The Watch (Ep. 266) 2018-06-14
Remembering Anthony Bourdain | The Watch (Ep. 265) 2018-06-11
'Black Mirror' Showrunners on Their Favorite Episodes, Plus a Rolling Blackouts C.F. Live Performance | The Watch (Ep. 264) 2018-06-07
The Thing About ‘Westworld,’ Plus 'Succession' and ‘The Break With Michelle Wolf' | The Watch (Ep. 263) 2018-06-04
Kanye West’s New Album and Pusha-T’s 'Daytona' and Drake Diss. Plus, 'The Americans Finale | The Watch (Ep. 262) 2018-06-01
Did ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Work? Plus the ‘Killing Eve’ Finale | The Watch (Ep. 261) 2018-05-29
Celebrating Philip Roth, Plus Answering Your Mailbag Questions About ‘Watchmen’ and More | The Watch (Ep. 260) 2018-05-24
The Problem With Broadcast Television, Plus 'Killing Eve' | The Watch (Ep. 259) 2018-05-21
What to Expect From 'Deadpool 2'? Plus: 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Westworld' | The Watch (Ep. 258) 2018-05-17
Paul Scheer on Adapting ‘Galaxy Quest’ and Watching Classic Movies. Plus, Unpacking the ‘Barry’ Finale | The Watch (Ep. 257) 2018-05-14
‘The Predator’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ Are Coming Back! Plus, Stephen Malkmus Stops By | The Watch (Ep. 256) 2018-05-11
This Is Donald Glover’s Moment | The Watch (Ep. 255) 2018-05-07
Recommending ‘Howards End’ and John Mulaney’s New Stand-up Special, Plus Deon Taylor, Director of ‘Traffik’ | The Watch (Ep. 254) 2018-05-04
'Avengers: Infinity War’ Mega-pod and Why You Should Watch ‘Killing Eve’ (Ep. 253) 2018-04-30
'The Handmaid's Tale' Returns, Plus Chvrches | The Watch (Ep. 252) 2018-04-26
'Westworld' Returns and Bill Hader and Henry Winkler Talk ‘Barry’ | The Watch (Ep. 251) 2018-04-23
Kanye’s Dropping Two Albums in June, ‘Atlanta’ Is the Best Show on TV, and Elwood Reid Discusses ‘The Last Good Kiss’ | The Watch (Ep. 250) 2018-04-19
In or Out on ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘Ocean’s 8’, Plus Andy Discusses His New Pilot, ‘Briarpatch’ | The Watch (Ep. 244) 2018-04-16
What Would It Take to Love 'Westworld' and Other Mailbag Questions, Plus News From Andy | The Watch (Ep. 243) 2018-04-12
Jake Johnson on the Final Season of 'New Girl.' Plus, the Dark Side of Amateur Sports With Director Ryan Koo (Ep. 242) 2018-04-09

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