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Title Date published
How to Cast for ‘The Wire,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘True Detective’ With Alexa Fogel | The Watch (Ep. 241) 2018-04-06
The Problem With ‘Ready Player One,' Plus ‘Trust’, ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘Terror’ | The Watch (Ep. 240) 2018-04-02
‘Roseanne’ and ‘The Americans’ Are Back, ‘Westworld’ Is Coming Soon | The Watch (Ep. 239) 2018-03-29
David Costabile Talks 'Billions' and 'Breaking Bad.' Plus, Reviewing 'Barry' and 'Trust' | The Watch (Ep. 238) 2018-03-26
Anticipating ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and the ‘Sicario’ sequel. Plus, Musician Lucy Dacus and Finishing 'Collateral' | The Watch (Ep. 237) 2018-03-22
Would 'Black Panther' Work As TV? Plus Guilty Pleasures and New Music In the Mailbag | The Watch (Ep. 236 ) 2018-03-19
What’s the Future of James Bond? Plus, Celebrating Craig Mack and Bad Boy Records | The Watch (Ep. 235) 2018-03-16
‘Atlanta’ and Julian Casablancas Share Hot Takes on the Music Biz, Plus ‘Collateral’ Episode 1 | The Watch (Ep. 234) 2018-03-13
'Star Wars' to TV and 'The Sopranos' to the Big Screen, Plus the Shib Sibs | The Watch (Ep. 233) 2018-03-08
And the Oscar Went To … | The Watch (Ep. 232) 2018-03-05
New TV Alert: 'Atlanta,' 'McMafia,' and 'Looming Tower' | The Watch (Ep. 231) 2018-03-02
Unpacking ‘Annihilation’ and the ’90s Nostalgia of Netflix’s ‘Everything Sucks!’ (Ep. 230) 2018-02-26
Answering Your Mailbag Questions, Plus a Politically Charged Superchunk Interview | The Watch (Ep. 229) 2018-02-22
Wakanda Forever! Black Panther’s Big Moment, Plus Jonathan Abrams revisits ‘The Wire’ | The Watch (Ep. 228) 2018-02-19
Is Netflix Swallowing TV? Plus, ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Babylon Berlin’ Reviewed | The Watch (Ep. 227) 2018-02-16
Why Jimmy Fallon Is Losing the Late-Night War | The Watch (Ep. 226) 2018-02-12
Is 'Star Wars' Saturation Possible? | The Watch (Ep. 225) 2018-02-08
Super Bowl Celebrations, Han Solo Trailer Reaction, and the Surprise Cloverfield Movie (Ep. 224) 2018-02-05
Why Isn’t Steven Soderbergh's ‘Mosaic’ A Bigger Deal? Plus ‘The End of The F** World’ | The Watch (Ep. 223) 2018-02-01
The Problem With the Grammys and Whether You Should Watch 'Waco' | The Watch (Ep. 222) 2018-01-29

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