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Title Date published
The Challenges of Adapting ‘The Three-Body Problem,’ Plus ‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘All or Nothing,’ and Previewing ‘The Boys’ Season 2 2020-09-04
Remembering Chadwick Boseman With Reggie Ugwu. Plus: ‘I May Destroy You’ Finale and an Interview With the Killers' Brandon Flowers. 2020-08-31
Are TV Shows the New Movies? A Podcast Crossover Special, Part 2. 2020-08-28
The 'Lonesome Dove' Megapod | Bonus Episode 2020-08-26
The Next Era of the DC Universe Is Here. Plus, ‘Lovecraft Country’ Episode 2, and an Interview With George Pelecanos. 2020-08-24
Affleck Back to Batman? A New Spider-Woman? Plus, Lonesome Dove Pt. 4 2020-08-21
Breaking Down ‘Lovecraft Country” with Showrunner Misha Green. Plus, the Third Installment of ‘Lonesome Dove’ 2020-08-17
'I May Destroy You Never Lets Up', Jake Johnson on ‘Hoops', and 'Lonesome Dove' Pt. 2 2020-08-13
What Just Happened at HBO Max, Justin Charity and Micah Peters on ‘Sound Only,’ and Part 1 of ‘Lonesome Dove’ 2020-08-10
If 'High Fidelity' Can't Survive in Hollywood, What Can? Plus, an Interview With Timothy Simons About 'Yes, God, Yes' 2020-08-06
Our Nostalgia for Syndicated Television, Plus: X-Men Past, Present, and Future With Jason Concepcion 2020-08-03
What Do the Emmy Nominations Tell Us About the Current TV Landscape? Plus ‘I May Destroy You’ and ‘Perry Mason.’ 2020-07-30
Thoughts on ‘Folklore,’ the ‘Tenet’ Dilemma, and Rediscovering Sitcoms 2020-07-27
The End of Cable as We Know It? Plus, Wrapping up ‘Dark’ Season 3 and an Interview With Mark Duplass. 2020-07-23
'Game of Thrones' Prequel News and the State of TV IP, Plus 'Dark' S3 2020-07-21
Do We Have Old-TV-Show Fever? Plus, ‘Dark’ Season 3 and ‘I May Destroy You’ 2020-07-16
What Are the Secrets of the Peacock Library? And an Interview With Roy Wood Jr. of ‘The Daily Show’ 2020-07-14
Michaela Coel's 'I May Destroy You' Continues to Be Brilliant. Plus, Parsing 'Dark' and an Interview With Ramy Youssef. 2020-07-10
In the Streaming World, How Do We Decide When It’s Time for a TV Show to End? Plus, ‘Betty’ Director Crystal Moselle 2020-07-07
Top Five TV Shows of the Year, Plus: Sarah Snook on ‘Succession’ 2020-06-30

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