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Title Date published
‘Betty’ Is a Love Letter to Being Young in New York. Plus: Peacock News and ‘I May Destroy You’ 2020-06-26
‘Perry Mason’ Is Dark, but to What End? Plus: the Top Chef, Melissa King. 2020-06-23
Padma Lakshmi on ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Taste the Nation.’ Plus, ‘The King of Staten Island.’ 2020-06-18
What Happens to Your Cable Bill Once You Start Paying for New Movies, Too? Plus, ‘Top Chef’ and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever 2020-06-16
'I May Destroy You' Is Astonishing. Plus, Sam Boyd, the Creator of ‘Love Life’ 2020-06-12
‘Space Force’ Isn’t Sure What It Wants to Be. Plus, ‘Top Chef’ and Elwood Reid on ‘Barkskins’ 2020-06-09
Our HBO Max Prime-time Grids. Plus, Time Traveling with TV and ‘Top Chef’ 2020-05-29
‘The Great’ Is Very Good. Plus Kristen Bell on ‘Central Park,’ ‘Veronica Mars,’ and ‘Frozen.’ 2020-05-22
Remembering Lynn Shelton, Dan Pfeiffer on ‘Top Chef,’ and James Badge Dale on ‘Hightown’ 2020-05-19
What Does HBO Max Mean for HBO? Plus, Paul Mescal of ‘Normal People’ 2020-05-15
‘Top Chef: All-Stars’ Is Our New Favorite Sport. Plus, Kathryn Hahn! 2020-05-12
The Tricky Art of Making a Streaming Comedy and ‘Normal People’ Season Review. Plus, ‘Arkansas’ Director Clark Duke | The Watch 2020-05-08
A Tale of Two ‘Tiger King’ Adaptations, ‘Normal People,’ and Tom Pelphrey of ‘Ozark’ | The Watch 2020-05-05
Why ‘Normal People’ Is So Captivating, Featuring Director Lenny Abrahamson | The Watch 2020-05-01
The Magic of ‘Top Chef’ Over the Years; Plus, HBO’s ‘Run’ | The Watch 2020-04-28
You Don’t Need to Worry About Netflix, They’re Doing Just Fine. Plus: The ‘Devs’ Season Finale. | The Watch 2020-04-24
Breaking Down the 'Better Call Saul' Finale. Plus: Actor Tony Dalton on Playing Lalo Salamanca. | The Watch 2020-04-21
Hollywood Dealmaking Doesn’t Stop, Even If Production Does. Plus That 'Better Call Saul Scene' and Rosario Dawson on the 'Briarpatch' Finale. | The Watch 2020-04-17
The Magic of a Live Instagram Beats Battle, Plus ‘Run’ and ‘Devs’ | The Watch 2020-04-14
Laura Linney of 'Ozark.' Plus: ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ | The Watch 2020-04-10

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