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Quibi Is Interesting Even If the Shows Aren’t Yet. Plus: The Greatness of ‘ZeroZeroZero’ With Andrea Riseborough | The Watch 2020-04-07
Is the New TV Pipeline Drying Up? Plus: Rhea Seehorn of ‘Better Call Saul’ on Playing Kim Wexler. | The Watch 2020-04-03
The Best TV Character of the Century. Plus: ‘Ozark’ Season 3 With Executive Producer Chris Mundy | The Watch 2020-03-31
Missed Pop Culture Moments and ‘Better Call Saul’ S5E6. Plus: An Interview with Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee | The Watch 2020-03-27
What to Watch: ‘Devs,' ‘Tiger King,’ and ‘ZeroZeroZero.’ Plus: Our Dream TV Adaptations | The Watch 2020-03-24
‘Better Call Saul’ S5E5 and How Reese Witherspoon Cracked the Celebrity TV Code | The Watch 2020-03-20
How the Coronavirus Is Upending the TV Industry. Plus: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 and ‘Devs' | The Watch 2020-03-17
‘Better Call Saul’ Is the Best Kind of Fan Service, Plus the Brilliance of ‘Ugly Delicious’ Season 2 | The Watch 2020-03-13
‘The Outsider’ Season Finale, ‘Devs’ Season Premiere, and an Interview with the President of AMC, Sarah Barnett | The Watch 2020-03-09
Why You Should Be Watching ‘Devs.’ Plus: ‘Better Call Saul’ S5E3 and ‘Briarpatch’ Episode 5. | The Watch 2020-03-06
The Outsider’ E9. Plus: What Does the Netflix Top 10 Teach Us? | The Watch 2020-03-02
Is This the Peak TV Tipping Point? Plus: Disney After Iger, and 'Briarpatch' E3 | The Watch 2020-02-27
It's Time to Appreciate ‘Better Call Saul.’ Plus: ‘The Outsider’ S1E8 and an Interview With Greg Dulli | The Watch 2020-02-24
‘Westworld’ Season 3 and the Problems With Robots on TV. Plus: Chris Carraba Reflects on the Legacy of Emo Music | The Watch 2020-02-21
The Joys of ‘High Fidelity’ and a ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Roundtable With Eric Newman, Scoot McNairy, and Diego Luna | The Watch 2020-02-17
The ‘Survivor’ Premier, ‘Briarpatch’ Episode 2, and Previewing ‘High Fidelity’ | The Watch 2020-02-14
The 2020 Oscars and ‘The Outsider’ Episode 6 | The Watch 2020-02-10
Breaking Down the First Episode of 'Briarpatch' (Live) | The Watch 2020-02-07
The Marvel Cinematic Universe Becomes the Marvel TV Universe. Plus: ‘The Outsider’ Episode 5. | The Watch 2020-02-03
Why ‘The Outsider’ Is TV’s Best Mystery. Plus: More ‘Cheer’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ | The Watch 2020-01-31

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