<p>Everyone is always warning you not to get lost in the weeds. But not Vox's Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. They love the weeds. That's where all the policy is. This is the podcast for people who follow politics because they love thinking about health care, economics, and zoning. It is not a podcast for people who like hearing talk about gaffes.</p>


Title Date published
There’s collusion, and then there’s collusion 2018-07-17
Republicans' plan for health care: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2018-07-13
Brett Kavanaugh and the future of the Supreme Court 2018-07-10
1,2,3,4 Trump declares a trade war 2018-07-06
Family detention is the new family separation 2018-07-03
America’s Next Top Supreme Court Justice 2018-06-29
With borders wide open 2018-06-26
The messy drama queens of the Supreme Court 2018-06-22
Which children matter? 2018-06-19
Ask Weeds Anything...Again! 2018-06-15
Why 12-step programs work — and family separation doesn’t 2018-06-12
Can we get tough on rapists without being “tough on crime”? 2018-06-08
Cake Wars, Supreme Court edition 2018-06-05
Trump isn’t losing immigrant kids, but he is taking them from their parents 2018-06-01
The debate over “no excuses” charter schools, explained 2018-05-29
BONUS: Worldly "Trump’s breakup note to Kim Jong-un, explained" 2018-05-25
Nobody has babies anymore (except Sarah) 2018-05-22
Caught in the Intellectual Dark Web 2018-05-18
Drugs! (But not the fun kind) 2018-05-15
The many scandals of Michael Cohen 2018-05-11

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