<p>In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.</p>


Title Date published
A big, beautiful podcast about the border wall 2018-12-14
A Weeds farewell to Paul Ryan 2018-12-11
Pod Save the US-Saudi alliance? 2018-12-07
Midwest Republicans lost in 2018 — but they’re not giving up power 2018-12-04
Mexico was the wall all along 2018-11-30
The many flavors of Medicare-for-all 2018-11-27
The Impact: How do you make education funding fair? 2018-11-23
The future of conservatism is being forged in California 2018-11-20
Facebook is bad, please join our Facebook group 2018-11-16
Voting in America 2018-11-13
Jeff Sessions is gone but not forgotten 2018-11-09
About last night 2018-11-07
Seattle’s plan to save democracy 2018-11-06
Bad for the Jews 2018-11-02
Operation Win the Midterms 2018-10-31
Republicans’ health care message: Lie a lot 2018-10-30
Our elections are being hacked 2018-10-26
What's next for House Democrats? 2018-10-24
Cory Booker’s plan to close the racial wealth gap 2018-10-23
Introducing Future Perfect 2018-10-20

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