In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.


Title Date published
The craziest Obamacare lawsuit yet 2018-10-09
Alexa, raise the minimum wage 2018-10-05
When women run 2018-10-03
Death to NAFTA! Long live USMCA! 2018-10-02
Do Republicans even care if Kavanaugh is guilty? 2018-09-28
What Sarah learned on parental leave 2018-09-25
What could stop the next Botham Jean? 2018-09-21
#MeToo goes to the Supreme Court 2018-09-18
Can Elon Musk save Tesla from himself? 2018-09-14
I am the Resistance inside The Weeds podcast 2018-09-11
Colin Kaepernick, the most important election issue in the world 2018-09-07
What’s at stake in the midterms 2018-09-04
America picked a lousy time to turn its back on refugees 2018-08-31
John McCain vs. the idea of John McCain 2018-08-28
The art of the squeal 2018-08-24
Elizabeth Warren’s plan to save/destroy capitalism 2018-08-21
We’re not gonna pay rent 2018-08-17
Lordy, Omarosa has tapes 2018-08-14
#FakeScience 2018-08-10
The Great Twitter Wars of 2018 2018-08-07

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