In politics, you’re often told not to get lost in the weeds. But we love the weeds! That’s where politics becomes policy – the stuff that shapes our lives. Every Tuesday and Friday, Matthew Yglesias is joined by Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Jane Coaston and other Vox voices to dig into the weeds on important national issues, including healthcare, immigration, housing, and everything else that matters. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.


Title Date published
How the rich ate all the growth 2017-08-23
Statue limitations 2017-08-18
A very meritorious podcast 2017-08-16
Can John Kelly fix the Trump administration? Can anyone? 2017-08-11
Is Google in an "ideological echo chamber"? 2017-08-09
The bacon fat theory of school segregation, and some White House chaos 2017-08-02
ACA repeal is finally dead (maybe) 2017-07-28
Skinny repeal and Trump's management by tweet 2017-07-26
A deep dive on basic income 2017-07-21
At last, a Weeds about weed (also Obamacare) 2017-07-19
McConnellCare II: Cruz Control 2017-07-14
Minimum wage research showdown (also Russia) 2017-07-12
Understanding the opioid epidemic 2017-07-07
Trumpism and travel bans 2017-07-05
Meanwhile, House Republicans are trying to write a budget 2017-06-30
CB--Oh no this health care bill is terrible too 2017-06-28
Senate Republicans' health care idea: Make the poor pay more for less 2017-06-23
Georgia (and Obamacare repeal) on our minds 2017-06-21
Trump’s “buck stops somewhere else” foreign policy 2017-06-16
Legends of the secret health care bill 2017-06-14

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