Many of us experience sports much like religion: they give us a shared identity, a sense of community, and a common purpose. So what wisdom can we draw from the sports world to help us navigate the chaos and confusion -- and also the awakening and transformation -- happening today? Join host Varun Soni, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at the University of Southern California, in this limited-run series from Religion of Sports.


Title Date published
Introducing: Crushed 2021-04-08
Play, with Salman Ahmad 2020-08-13
Resilience, with Victoria Garrick 2020-08-06
Hope, with Reza Aslan 2020-07-30
Justice, with Jody Armour 2020-07-30
Introducing: More Than A Game 2020-07-23
Jeff "Cannonball" Guerriero (Authenticity) 2019-01-08
Journey's End (Belonging) 2018-12-11
Sadie In The Woods (Resilience) 2018-12-04
San Quentin (Rehabilitation) 2018-11-27
Humboldt Broncos (Healing) 2018-11-13
Fight for the Soul (Tribalism) 2018-11-06
Myth of the Lifetime Warranty (Mortality) 2018-10-30
Introduction to Why Sports Matter 2018-10-19

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