<p>There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to. This season we tackle football concussions, heartbreak, 5G networks, sleep, magic mushrooms, free healthcare, police use of force, asteroids and more.</p>


Title Date published
100% Renewable Energy - Can We Do It? 2017-10-05
The Rise of Anti-Vaxxers 2017-09-21
Vaccines - Are They Safe? 2017-09-14
Detoxing & Cleanses - Do They Work? 2017-09-07
New Season... Coming Soon! 2017-08-31
Artificial Sweeteners - not so sweet? 2017-06-08
Nuclear Power - what are the Risks? 2017-06-01
Meditation 2017-05-25
True Love 2017-05-11
Antioxidants 2017-05-04
Abortion: What You Need To Know 2017-04-27
GMO... OMG? 2017-04-17
Lemmings 2017-04-06
Ghosts 2017-03-30
Climate Change... the Apocalypse? 2017-03-16
Acne 2017-03-09
Immigration 2017-03-09
New season... coming soon! 2017-02-28
Antidepressants 2016-10-28
DNA and the Smell of Death 2016-10-21

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