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Title Date published
Xbox Series X/S Can Play More PS2 Games Than PS5 - IGN Daily Fix 2020-12-02
Next-Gen Scalpers Busted - IGN Daily Fix 2020-12-01
eBay Cracks Down on PS5 Scammers - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-30
Are There More PS5's On The Way? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-25
These Scalpers Have More PS5s Than Some Retailers - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-24
Beware of Cyberpunk 2077 Spoilers - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-23
Is PlayStation Teasing an Answer to Game Pass? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-20
GTA Online Teases Something New - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-19
PS5 Owners are Making Their Own Custom Plates - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-19
PS5 Gets a Performance Boosting Update - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-17
Microsoft Clarifies Bethesda Games Exclusivity Plans - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-16
PS5 Has a Downloading Bug - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-13
Every Gun in Black Ops Cold War Feels Different On PS5 - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-12
Halo TV Series Recasts Cortana - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-12
(Some) Xbox Series X Pre-orders Getting Delayed - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-10
You Can't Use An External Drive on PlayStation 5 (At Launch) - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-10
Rockstar's Next-Gen Plan for Backwards Compatibility - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-07
Why You Can't Buy A PS5 In Stores (Without a Pre-order) - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-05
Among Us Plans Big Update - IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-04
Why Sony Won’t Let You Buy PS5 Custom Plates- IGN Daily Fix 2020-11-03

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