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Title Date published
Respawn Is Making 3 New Star Wars Games - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-26
Elden Ring Goes Gold, Completion Time Revealed - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-25
Take-Two CEO Calls GTA Trilogy Launch Problems a 'Glitch' That's Been 'Resolved' - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-22
Sony Speaks Up On the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Deal - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-21
Sony Stock Took a $20 Billion Hit After Xbox's Activision Deal - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-20
Xbox Makes Biggest Acquisition in Gaming History for $70 Billion - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-19
The Latest Thing to Run Doom Is...Minecraft? - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-17
PUBG Dev Suing Apple, Others Over Copycat Games - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-15
Microsoft Discontinued the Xbox One Line Back in 2020 - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-14
Sony Has a Last-Gen Solution For PS5 Console Shortages - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-13
Phil Spencer Says Xbox Is 'Not a Free Speech Platform' - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-12
Elden Ring's Character Creator Has Leaked and Fans are Impressed - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-11
Mario Kart 9 Is Reportedly In Development, 'With a New Twist' - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-08
Days Gone Sold More Than Ghost of Tsushima But Was Still Considered a Failure - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-07
Sony Announces PSVR2 Specs, First Exclusive Game - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-06
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gets a Big Surprise Addition This Month - IGN Daily Fix 2022-01-05
The Best of Steam 2021 Will Surprise You - IGN Daily Fix 2021-12-31
PlayStation Plus Games for January 2022 - IGN Daily Fix 2021-12-30
Riot Games to Pay $100 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement - IGN Daily Fix 2021-12-29
AI Bot Generates Its Own Pokémon - IGN Daily Fix 2021-12-28

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