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Title Date published
Did the Xbox Series X and S Release Date Leak? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-12
The Last of Us Part 2 is Getting Way Harder - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-11
CoD: Warzone's Terrifying New Glitch Introduced in Latest Update - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-10
Rocksteady’s Next Game: Suicide Squad - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-08
Microsoft Comments on the Future of Xbox Live Gold - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-07
Marvel's Avengers: Why Xbox Users Can't Play As Spider-Man - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-06
Sony Reacts To State of Play Outrage - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-04
Why Sony State of Play Is Dropping The Ball - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-04
Halo Infinite Multiplayer Will Be Free to Play - IGN Daily Fix 2020-08-01
Animal Crossing: New Horizon Brings Back Fan Favorite Glitch as a Feature - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-31
Xbox Boss Hints at August Showcase - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-29
Gabe Newell Says New Xbox Is Better Than PS5 - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-29
Free PlayStation Plus Games For August - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-28
Xbox Fires Back On Halo Infinite's Visuals - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-25
Halo Infinite May Be The Last Halo Game - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-23
Ubisoft Keeps Next Gen Fall Games At Current Price - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-23
Xbox Game Pass Isn't Coming To Other Platforms - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-22
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Will Offer 4k 60fps - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-21
PlayStation 5 Preorders Won't Be a Surprise Drop - Daily Fix 2020-07-17
Henry Cavill Builds A PC From Scratch - IGN Daily Fix 2020-07-16

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