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Title Date published
Microsoft and Kojima Might Be Close to a Deal - IGN Daily Fix 2021-07-02
Breath of the Wild's Last 'Impossible Chest' Has Finally Been Opened - IGN Daily Fix 2021-07-02
PS Plus Games for July 2021 Revealed - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-30
PlayStation Not In 'Arms Race' With Xbox, Buys 2 More Studios - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-30
Cyberpunk Devs 'Satisfied' with Stability... 6 Months After Launch - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-29
Popular Anime Game Adaptation Officially Coming West - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-25
Ubisoft's Avatar Game Will Have Ultra Smart NPCs - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-24
Square Enix Aims for Best Open World Visuals Ever - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-24
Xbox Reveals New Dedicated Series X/S Monitors - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-22
Rumor: Dead Space Is Being Revived by EA - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-22
Xbox's Clever Solution to Play Series X/S Exclusives on Xbox One - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-16
Breath of the Wild 2 Teaser Reveals Link's New Abilities - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-15
Wait... is Elden Ring Dark Souls Meets Pokemon? - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-14
Avatar: Frontiers and the Biggest Things from Ubisoft E3 2021 - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-12
Elden Ring Has a Plot Synopsis... But What Does It Mean? - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-12
Xbox Boss Not Impressed With PlayStation's PC Strategy - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-11
Battlefield 2042 Missing Some Expected Modes - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-09
Horizon Forbidden West Not Held Back by PS4, Devs Say - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-08
Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Made Their Own Bug Videos, Leaks Show - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-08
BTS Among Us McNugget Sells for Insane Price - IGN Daily Fix 2021-06-04

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