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Title Date published
PlayStation 5 Smashes Another Sales Record - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-16
Days Gone Gets PC Release Date, and Major Enhancements - IGN The Fix: Games 2021-04-15
New Cyberpunk Patch Fixes Bugs from the Last Cyberpunk Patch - IGN The Fix: Games 2021-04-14
PlayStation 5's First Major Update Adds Useful Storage Options With a Catch - IGN The Fix: Games 2021-04-13
Days Gone Director Reveals Potential Sequel Details - IGN The Fix: Games 2021-04-12
The Last of Us Remake In Development Amid Sony Drama - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-09
No, Kojima Isn't Making The PS5 Exclusive Abandoned - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-08
What’s New in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-07
GTA 5 Could Be Free And On Your Phone - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-06
Xbox Game Pass Scores Major Games for April - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-06
Cyberpunk 2077's New Patch Fixes Bugs While Adding More - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-02
The Game Boy To End All Game Boys Gets Delayed By Suez Canal Boat - IGN Daily Fix 2021-04-01
Free PlayStation Plus Games for April 2021 - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-31
CDPR Reveals Plans for Future Cyberpunk, Witcher Games - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-30
Cyberpunk 2077 Update Fixes Literally Hundreds of Obnoxious Bugs - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-29
New Call of Duty 2021 Report Contradicts Popular Theory - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-26
Ghost of Tsushima Movie Announced With Big Director Attached - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-25
GameStop Slowly Changing After Wild Stock Market Ride - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-24
Microsoft Could Be Eyeing Another Billion-Dollar Purchase - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-23
Resident Evil Village Gets Multiplayer Beta and PC Spec Requirements - IGN Daily Fix 2021-03-22

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