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Title Date published
Phil Spencer Spells Out Xbox Series X Timeline - IGN Daily Fix 2020-05-02
Xbox Series X Game Announcements Coming Soon - IGN Daily Fix 2020-05-01
What Is and Isn't Coming To PlayStation Plus in May - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-29
Xbox Series X's Dynamic Latency Input Is a Revolutionary New Feature - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-29
How to Avoid The Last of Us Part 2 Spoilers - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-27
Xbox Series X Game Reveals "Won't Be Too Much of a Wait' Says Phil Spencer - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-24
How Does Xbox Series X Load Times Compare To PS5? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-23
Xbox Series X Logo Has Been Revealed - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-22
Elder Scrolls VI May Have Just Begun Production - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-21
Why Nintendo Switches Are Impossible to Find - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-20
Sony's PlayStation Robotic Operating Buddy Senses Fear - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-17
The Next Grand Theft Auto Is On the Way - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-16
Cooking Mama Cookstar's Release Ignites Licensing Drama - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-16
Playstation Offers Uncharted Collection for Free - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-15
Is a Resident Evil 4 Remake On the Way? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-13
Did Final Fantasy VII Remake On PC Just Get Confirmed? - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-10
Cyberpunk 2077's DLC Announcement Coming Before The Game Drops - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-09
Valorant's First Day In Beta Is Bringing In Big Numbers - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-08
Weird Smoke Bug Fixed In Super Mario 64 - IGN Daily 2020-04-07
The Last of Us Part 2 Director Discusses Game's Delay - IGN Daily Fix 2020-04-06

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