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Title Date published
The shutdown gets very, very real 2019-01-11
What can the president do during a national emergency? 2019-01-10
Let's talk about tax, baby. Let's talk about AOC. 2019-01-09
The troop withdrawal withdrawal 2019-01-08
The nine lives of Obamacare 2019-01-07
You should not throw away your shot 2019-01-04
Who is Paul Whelan and why does Russia think he’s a spy? 2019-01-03
Shutdown 2019-01-02
Let's Explain "Today, Explained" 2019-01-01
All my friends are robocalls (replay) 2018-12-28
The Stanford Prison Correction (replay) 2018-12-27
Black Panther is (still) the most important movie of 2018 2018-12-26
"A horrible miscarriage of justice" 2018-12-21
The most powerful woman in the world 2018-12-20
Take a penny, take a penny (replay) 2018-12-19
The World in 2018 2018-12-18
Tumblr's war on sex 2018-12-17
This episode is unrated 2018-12-14
Paul Ryan vs. himself 2018-12-13
Fraud, actually 2018-12-12

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