A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.


Title Date published
Episode 319-How Do You Solve a Problem Like MacArthur 2021-04-15
Episode 318-Battle of the Pockets Pt 2 2021-03-25
Episode 317-Battle of the Pockets Pt 1 2021-03-16
Episode 316-FDR: The Man with No Fear 2021-03-04
Episode 315-Battle of the Points 2021-02-25
Episode 314-The Battle of Bataan 2021-02-15
Episode 313-Retreat to Bataan 2021-02-02
Episode 312-Bataan or Bust 2021-01-26
Episode 311-Gen. Douglas MacArthur: Defending the Indefensible 2021-01-11
Episode 310-December 22, 1941: A Date Which Will Live in Infamy 2021-01-04
Episode 309-MacArthur: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2020-12-25
Episode 308-War Comes to The Philippines 2020-12-18
Episode 307-Prelude to the Fall of the Philippines 2020-12-06
Episode 306-Gen. Slim Regroups, Gen. Stilwell Retreats 2020-11-24
Episode 305-Isn't That Burma Army Annihilated Yet? 2020-11-02
Episode 304-Mistakes Were Made, Men Died 2020-10-27
Episode 303-The Battle of Mandalay 2020-10-13
Episode 302-Interview with Lesley Blume about her book: Fallout 2020-10-03
Episode 301-Burma: The Great Retreat Begins 2020-09-24
Episode 300-The Battle of Yenaungyaung 2020-09-01

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