A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.


Title Date published
Episode 277- An interview with Melissa Amateis* about her book, Nebraska POW Camps, A History of WWII Prisoners in the Heartland 2020-01-25
Episode 276-The Fall of The Celebes and Maluku Islands 2020-01-19
Introducing The Sneak 2020-01-14
Episode 275-The Fall of Singapore 2019-12-31
Episode 274-The End of British Malaya 2019-12-16
Episode 273-The Battle at Slim River 2019-12-10
Episode 272-Courage Yet Defeat: The Battle of Kampar 2019-12-03
Episode 271-The Battle of Jitra 2019-11-26
Episode 270-The Battle of Singapore: Force Z to the Rescue 2019-11-19
Episode 269-Interview with David Stahel about his book, Retreat from Moscow 2019-11-13
Episode 268-The Battle for Malaya and Singapore 2019-11-04
Episode 267-Interview with Mikhal Dekel about her latest book, Tehran Children, A Holocaust Refugee Odyssey 2019-10-19
Episode 266: The Fall of Borneo 2019-10-07
Episode 265-The Battle of Borneo: Resistance Comes in Many Form 2019-10-01
Episode 264-Black Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong 2019-09-16
Episode 263-A Thousand Cuts 2019-09-09
Episode 262-Once More, Unto the Gap 2019-09-02
Episode 261-The Balaclava of the Sea 2019-08-27
Episode 260-Hong Kong-Retreat but No Surrender 2019-08-19
Episode 259-Operation C: Japan Attacks Hong Kong 2019-08-11

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