A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.


Title Date published
Episode 301-Burma: The Great Retreat Begins 2020-09-24
Episode 300-The Battle of Yenaungyaung 2020-09-01
Episode 299-Interview with Michel Paradis about his book Last Mission to Tokyo 2020-08-22
Episode 298-The Battle of Prome 2020-08-17
Episode 297-10th Anniversary Episode 2020-08-08
Episode 296-Bryan Rigg Interview about his book Flamethrower 2020-08-01
Episode 295-The Battle of Toungoo 2020-07-13
Episode 294:The Redoubtable Gen. William Slim 2020-07-05
Episode 293-Burma: The Ground War Begins 2020-06-26
Episode 292-The War Comes to Burma 2020-06-09
Episode 291-America Strikes Back-The Marshalls & Gilberts Raids 2020-06-01
Episode 290-The Invasion of Burma: Prelude 2020-05-20
Episode 289-The Invasion of New Guinea 2020-05-11
Episode 288-The Fall of Rabaul 2020-05-03
Episode 287-Damien Lewis Interview: Churchill's Shadow Raiders 2020-04-26
Episode 286-The Battle of Rabaul-Prelude 2020-04-21
Episode 285-The Fall of Timor 2020-04-12
Episode 284- The Fall of Java, Pt 3 2020-04-07
Episode 283-The Fall of Java Pt 2-The Battle of the Java Sea 2020-03-28
Episode 282-Interview with Peter Lion about his book: Merg 2020-03-19

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