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Title Date published
Wake up and smell the coffee! 2019-12-04
Guided By Voices (r) 2019-11-12
Deep State Revisited 2019-10-24
Going Karura 2019-10-10
The boy who cried wolf 2019-09-24
Epstein's funeral 2019-09-12
1984 (the BOOK not the year) 2019-08-20
1984 (the year not the book) 2019-08-20
Influencers (complete told you so version) 2019-07-22
YouTube's Inferno 2019-06-19
Operation Three-Eyed Raven 2019-06-03
Authoritarian Schizophrenia 2019-05-16
The Greater Firewall 2019-04-24
Bad Recommendations 2019-04-03
Failure (interlude) 2019-03-13
Institutionalized 2019-03-01
The Cultural Marxism Industry 2019-02-12
The People have Spoken 2019-01-09
Failure (prelude) 2018-12-25
Bonus 2018 2018-12-20

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