Serial returns with a history of Guantánamo told by people who lived through key moments in Guantánamo’s evolution, who know things the rest of us don’t about what it’s like to be caught inside an improvised justice system. Serial Productions makes narrative podcasts whose quality and innovation transformed the medium. “Serial” began in 2014 as a spinoff of the public radio show “This American Life.” In 2020, we joined the New York Times Company. Our shows have reached many millions of listeners and have won nearly every major journalism award for audio, including the first-ever Peabody Award given to a podcast. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Serial Productions news: Have thoughts or feedback on our shows? Email us at


Title Date published
This Is the Weirdness 2024-05-16
Two Ledgers 2024-05-09
The Forever Reporter 2024-05-02
Part 2, Asymmetry 2024-04-25
The Big Chicken, Part 1 2024-04-18
The Honeymooners 2024-04-11
Ahmad the Iguana Feeder 2024-04-04
The Special Project 2024-03-28
Poor Baby Raul 2024-03-28
Trailer 2024-03-21
Some Time When Everything Has Changed 2018-11-15
A Madman’s Vacation 2018-11-08
The Snowball Effect 2018-10-25
You in the Red Shirt 2018-10-18
Pleas Baby Pleas 2018-10-11
A Bird in Jail Is Worth Two on the Street 2018-10-04
Misdemeanor, Meet Mr. Lawsuit 2018-09-27
You’ve Got Some Gauls 2018-09-20
A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center 2018-09-20
Present for Duty 2016-03-31

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