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Title Date published
Sunday Special Ep 17: Edward Feser 2018-09-02
Ep. 615 - Canadian On The Moon 2018-08-31
Ep. 614 - Crying Wolf About Dog Whistles 2018-08-30
Ep. 613 - The Worst Headline Of The Month 2018-08-29
Ep. 612 - The Democratic Platform 2018-08-28
Ep. 611 - Goodbye To A Hero 2018-08-27
Sunday Special Ep 16: Clay Travis 2018-08-26
Ep. 610 - The Actual Big Issue 2018-08-24
Ep. 609 - The Day After 2018-08-23
Ep. 608 - It’s Apocalypse Day! 2018-08-22

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