Promoting education in engineering and design for all ages. Learn more and read transcripts at Produced by Pius Wong, engineer, of Pios Labs ( This podcast is for educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents interested in bringing engineering to younger ages. Listen to real conversations among various professionals in the engineering education space, as we try to find better ways to educate and inspire kids in engineering thinking. For episode transcripts and more information, visit: Topics include overcoming institutional barriers to engineering and STEM in K12, cool ways to teach engineering, equity in access to engineering, industry needs for engineers, strategies for training teachers, "edtech" solutions for K12 classrooms, curriculum and pedagogy reviews, and research on how kids learn engineering knowledge and skills. Thanks for listening!


Title Date published
Listen and Learn: Making an Audio Course in Science for Kids 2020-08-28
How Can Model Railroading Teach STEM? 2020-06-27
How Do You Build a Career in EdTech? 2020-05-11
Green Chemistry Invention in K-12 2020-04-11
Shelter in Place, Go to School 2020-03-31
Teach the Geek to Speak 2020-03-26
Not SXSW Live 2020-03-14
Real-World Learning in 2020 2020-03-10
This Engineer Is Running for Congress 2020-02-26
Leveling Up Your Career in Education 2020-01-26
Inventing GPS 2020-01-16
Australian Trends in Engineering Education 2019-12-03
Q&A with a Chemical Engineer 2019-10-31
Career Advice for New Electrical and Software Engineers 2019-09-18
Robots for Everyone! 2019-08-31
Distributed Programming for Newbies 2019-08-12
Cybersecurity and Being Human 2019-07-07
Teaching Accessibility by Building Picture Books for the Blind 2019-05-18
Educating a Cybersecurity Professional 2019-04-25
Highlights of SXSW Edu 2019 2019-04-09

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