Welcome to The Dungeoncast! A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast where co-hosts, Will and Brian, explore all things D&D including lore, game mechanics, and creative concepts. Whether it's a detailed discussion on the strangulation techniques of Black Puddings or our continual drawing of Demogorgon's attention, join us as we have casual, educational, and humorous conversation about the world's most popular tabletop RPG. Together we delve into the endless possibilities and unforeseen complications of character creation, role playing, and dungeon mastering. New episodes of The Dungeoncast will air every Monday on Youtube, Soundcloud or anywhere else podcasts can be found!


Title Date published
Monster Mythos: Green Dragons - The Dungeoncast - Ep.149 2019-09-09
Dungeon Mastering: The Alignment Chart - The Dungeoncast Ep.148 2019-09-01
Dungeon Mastering: Optional Rules 2 - The Dungeoncast Ep.147 2019-08-25
D&D Icons: Interview With R. A. Salvatore - The Dungeoncast Ep.146 2019-08-18
Monster Mythos: Copper Dragons - The Dungeoncast Ep.145 2019-08-13
Dungeon Mastering: Optional Rules - The Dungeoncast Ep.144 2019-08-05
Monster Mythos: Pixies and Sprites - The Dungeoncast Ep.143 2019-07-29
Monster Mythos: Black Dragons - The Dungeoncast Ep.142 2019-07-21
Monster Mythos: Succubi & Incubi - The Dungeoncast Ep.141 2019-07-15
D&D Icons: Drizzt Do’urden - The Dungeoncast Ep.140 2019-07-07
Races of the Realms: The Kalashtar - The Dungeoncast Ep.139 2019-06-30
Monster Mythos: Genies - The Dungeoncast Ep.138 2019-06-24
Monster Mythos: Bronze Dragons - The Dungeoncast Ep.137 2019-06-16
Races of the Realms: Shifter - The Dungeoncast Ep.136 2019-06-10
Deities and Demigods: Corellon Larethian - The Dungeoncast Ep.135 2019-06-02
Monster Mythos: Satyrs - The Dungeoncast Ep.134 2019-05-26
Monster Mythos: Silver Dragons - The Dungeoncast Ep.133 2019-05-19
Monster Mythos: Krakens - The Dungeoncast Ep.132 2019-05-13
Monster Mythos: Nightmares & Pegasi - The Dungeoncast Ep.131 2019-05-06
Races of the Realms: Changelings - The Dungeoncast Ep.130 2019-04-28

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