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Title Date published
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoilers Special 2017-12-16
Star Wars: May the Spoilers Not Be With You (The Last Jedi Review) 2017-12-12
Star Wars Dysfunctional Skywalker Family 2017-12-06
Body Switching Movies with Filmmaker Heather Fink 2017-11-30
Justice League Spoiler Special 2017-11-20
Godzilla VS Marvel VS DC VS Star Wars 2017-11-14
Heroes with Hair 2017-11-07
Halloween Special With 13 Guests 2017-10-31
Silent No More! The Hollywood Casting Couch Exposed 2017-10-25
LA Podfest LIVE 2017-10-18
Blade Death Day 2049 2017-10-12
Film Threat Variety Episode 2017-10-04
How to Get Rich in Independent Film w/ Richard Schenkman 2017-09-29
Guilty Pleasure Movies 2017-09-23
Film Threat VS Australia 2017-09-14
We Watched IT 2017-09-08
Dragon Con Episode 2017-08-25
Carpool Movie Reviews 2017-08-18
The Star Trek Episode 2017-08-10
All the Presidents Movies - Live at Politicon 2017-08-03

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