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Title Date published
The Other Guys (013): The Finale 2018-04-24
The Flagship (013): We're Baaaaaaack 2018-04-18
Indiana Baseball Podcast: The Real Tests Start 2018-04-18
The Other Guys (012): Top Five Moments From IU's 2017-18 Season 2018-04-17
IU Football Podcast: Brandon Dawkins Interview 2018-04-13
Indiana Baseball Podcast: Dominant Pitching 2018-04-11
The Other Guys 011: The Masters 2018-04-10
Indiana Baseball Podcast: Playing Through the Weather 2018-04-03
The Other Guys (010): Championship (NCAA and WNIT) Recap and Masters Preview 2018-04-03
4th Quarter Highlights from IU/VT- PBP Broadcaster Austin Render 2018-04-01
The Other Guys (009): "PUT SOME RESPECK ON IT!" 2018-03-29
Indiana Basketball Podcast: Jake Forrester Interview 2018-03-29
Austin Render: Second Quarter Clip- IU vs TCU 2018-03-29
Indiana Women's Basketball Podcast: Final Four 2018-03-27
Indiana Baseball Podcast: On the Road Again 2018-03-22
The Flagship (012): Madness in Full Swing 2018-03-21
Dorm Room Gamblers Ep. 6 2018-03-21
Indiana Basketball Podcast: Freddie McSwain Interview 2018-03-21
Indiana Women's Basketball Podcast: Purdue Round 3 2018-03-20
The Other Guys 008: We're All Retrievers Now 2018-03-20

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