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Title Date published
Cosmic Queries – More Office Hours 2018-03-16
#ICYMI: March Madness 2018: Bracketology 2018-03-15
The Universe and Beyond, with Stephen Hawking 2018-03-14
Celebrating Einstein 2018-03-09
#ICYMI - Winter Paralympics, with Medalists Mike Shea and Taylor Lipsett 2018-03-08
Cycling, Physics, and Doping, with Lance Armstrong 2018-03-02
#ICYMI - Bobsledding, with Olympic Gold Medalists Curt Tomasevicz & Steve Mesler 2018-03-01
Singing Science, with Kelly Clarkson 2018-02-23
#ICYMI - Olympic Alpine Skiing, with Erin Mielzynski and Andrew Weibrecht 2018-02-22
What’s Science Got to Do With Love? 2018-02-16
#ICYMI - The Science of Curling, with Olympians Brad Gushue and Nina Roth 2018-02-15
The Evolution of Personal Technology, with Marques Brownlee 2018-02-09
#ICYMI - Figure Skating Physics, with Olympic Medalist Sasha Cohen 2018-02-08
Playing with Science Time Capsule Season 1 & 2 2018-02-02
#ICYMI - Season 3 Premiere: Big Game Special, w/Neil Tyson and New England Patriot Cameron Fleming 2018-02-01
StarTalk Soundbite: Extreme Temperatures and Black Holes 2018-01-28
StarTalk All-Stars Season 2 Time Capsule 2018-01-26
StarTalk Soundbite: Higher Dimensional Dating 2018-01-26
#ICYMI - Martial Arts – Fight Like a Physicist (Repeat) 2018-01-25
Season 8 Time Capsule (Part 2) 2018-01-19

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