We take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them down to five focused minutes. We then add graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth. These values are Judeo-Christian at their core and include the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets and a strong military to protect and project those values.


Title Date published
Do We Have to Destroy the Earth to Save It? 2020-08-10
Does College = Success? 2020-08-04
The Rally That Changed My Mind 2020-07-27
If We Lose John Locke, We Lose America 2020-07-20
Minimum Wage Cost Me My Job 2020-07-13
Mother Knows Best: Why I Fight for School Choice 2020-07-06
Why I Love America 2020-07-06
The Ferguson Lie 2020-06-22
Who's More Radical: the Left or the Right? 2020-06-15
Who Is Booker T. Washington? 2020-06-08
Graduation 2020: The Covid Class 2020-06-05
What Does Separation Of Church And State Mean? 2020-05-27
The Fallen Soldier 2020-05-18
Lies About Israel Lead to Lies About Everything 2020-05-11
Social Justice Isn't Justice 2020-05-04
The Bravery Deficit 2020-04-27
Why Are So Many Americans in Prison? 2020-04-06
Conservatives Are the Real Environmentalists 2020-03-30
What Was Revolutionary About the American Revolution? 2020-03-23
The Intolerance of Tolerance 2020-03-16

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