the memory palace


Title Date published
Episode 119 (John C. Calhoun from the Opposite Side of the Line that Divides the Living from the Dead) 2017-12-16
Episode 118 (On the Shores of Assawompset) 2017-11-20
Episode 117 (Elizabeth) 2017-11-07
Episode 116 (Hoover) 2017-10-23
Episode 115 (A Brief Eulogy for a Commercial Radio Station) 2017-10-04
Sometimes the Rain Just Doesn't Stop 2017-09-15
Two Small Sculptures (The Met Residency Episode 8) 2017-09-05
Orbes Cintilantes - A special summer episode 2017-08-21
"Relics": A Special Bonus Episode 2017-08-09
A Scavenger Hunt (The Met Residency Episode 7) 2017-08-07
Episode 113 (Elmer McCurdy Rides Again and Again) 2017-07-19
Episode 112 (The Taking of Tom Sawyer's Island) 2017-07-03
A White Horse, re-released on the first anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. 2017-06-12
Episode 111 (Cipher, or Greenhow Girls) 2017-06-10
If You Have to be a Floor (The Met Residency Episode 6) 2017-06-09
Episode 110 (Lost Camels) 2017-05-27
Episode 109 (The Year Hank Greenberg Hit 58 Home Runs) 2017-05-11
Notes on a Plaque, Still Imagined 2017-04-26
Episode 108, Met Residency #5: Temple 2017-04-18
Episode 107 (Roots and Branches and Wind-Borne Seeds) 2017-04-01

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