Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Megan Morrone brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. Megan and Jason give you more context and perspective, with an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of technology and how it is changing our lives. Records every Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern / 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.


Title Date published
TNW 53: Let Google Take Over 2018-10-11
TNW 52: Of Mice and Radiation 2018-10-04
TNW 51: Queen Bot Cortana 2018-09-27
TNW 50: Slow Your Roll, Amazon 2018-09-20
TNW 49: You Can't Teach AI Politics 2018-09-13
TNW 48: The Internet is Speech 2018-09-06
TNW 47: There's Always Next Time 2018-08-30
TNW 46: Pharmaceutical Turk 2018-08-23
TNW 45: Bag of Words 2018-08-16
TNW 44: The Not iPhone 9 2018-08-09

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