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Title Date published
TWiT 727: Artisanal Pickles from Williamsburg 2019-07-14
TWiT 726: Be My Dream Daddy 2019-07-07
TWiT 725: Ubers in the Mud 2019-06-30
TWiT 724: Paste & Match Style 2019-06-23
TWiT 723: I Feel Sub-Tweeted 2019-06-16
TWiT 722: Poultry Carceral State 2019-06-09
TWiT 721: Google+ is Still Up 2019-06-02
TWiT 720: Everybody Loves Furry Pikachu 2019-05-26
TWiT 719: I Am Gozor, the Lunchmaster! 2019-05-19
TWiT 718: I'm Saving It for the Nursing Home 2019-05-12

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