Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for a podcast about justice and fairness.


Title Date published
Quitting the DEA After a Career Doing Justice (with Chuck Rosenberg) 2018-03-22
On the Ground (with NYPD Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill) 2018-03-15
Intelligence (with Adam Schiff) 2018-03-08
Guns, Schools & The NRA (with Shannon Watts) 2018-03-01
Let's Save Democracy! (with Christine Todd Whitman) 2018-02-22
Taking Trump to Court (with David Cole) 2018-02-15
Does the Nunes Memo Matter? (with Sheldon Whitehouse) 2018-02-08
Free Speech in the Age of Trump (with Floyd Abrams) 2018-02-01
Campaigns and Hurricanes (with Katy Tur) 2018-01-25
Why Good People Break the Law (with Alex Gibney) 2018-01-18
Mulling Mueller (with Anne Milgram) 2018-01-11
Journalism in the Age of Trump (with Maggie Haberman) 2018-01-04
Women in the World (with Tina Brown) 2017-12-21
Stay Tuned Live (with Hasan Minhaj) 2017-12-14
Putin, Pawns and Propaganda (with Garry Kasparov) 2017-12-07
Special Episode: Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea 2017-12-04
Podcasting and the Politics of Persuasion (with Pod Save America) 2017-11-30
Crime and Punishment (with Judge Jed Rakoff) 2017-11-21
The Problem of Power in Hollywood (with Judd Apatow) 2017-11-16
Resisting Trump (with Senator Jeff Flake) 2017-11-09

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