Live performances and conversations in which artists talk about their work, their process, and themselves. Genre-blind but open-eared. Hosted by John Schaefer.


Title Date published
The Calm Spark of South African Jazz Master Abdullah Ibrahim Persists 2019-08-14
Cosmo Sheldrake's Eccentric, Strangely Alluring Pop 2019-08-12
The Slamming Wordplay of Poet and Rapper Kate Tempest 2019-08-08
DOOMSQUAD's Personal and Political Outsider Dancefloor Jams 2019-08-05
Sound Artist Lea Bertucci Transforms and Extends the Saxophone 2019-08-01
Anything Goes From Swedish Pop Trio Peter Bjorn & John 2019-07-29
Indian Tabla Master Zakir Hussain's Percussive Wizardry 2019-07-25
The Big Sound of Bayonne's Experimental Electro-Pop 2019-07-22
Quantic's Dancefloor-Ready Jazzy Grooves 2019-07-18
Pianist and Programmer Dan Tepfer - Man Vs. Machine 2019-07-14
A-WA's Timeless Yemeni-Jewish Traditional Songs Meet Arabic Pop 2019-07-10
Blick Bassy Heals By Remembering The Stories 2019-07-08
The Sweet, Slow Burn of Nakhane's 'Anti-Gospel' Pop 2019-07-04
Sinkane's Funk Exploration of the Immigrant's Journey 2019-07-01
Ambient Chamber Space Pop By Big Bend, In-Studio 2019-06-27
Tamino's Intimate and Confessional Pop, In-studio 2019-06-24
Arabic Poetry-Infused Chamber Jazz by Layale Chaker and Sarafand 2019-06-20
Australian Bass Virtuoso Tal Wilkenfeld Shines a Light 2019-06-17
Baroque-Pop and Folk-Leaning Songs From Henry Jamison 2019-06-13
Saying What Must Be Said, The Oddysy Combines Funk, Bass, Beats, And Samples 2019-06-10

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