This podcast is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute best in left-leaning political news, commentary and occasional comedy with great music to pull it all together. In each edition, I choose a political theme and deliver a variety of stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme. By the way, this is an ENHANCED PODCAST with cool features built in which is fun but that means that it's not compatible with everyone's audio player. For the STANDARD MP3 feed visit to subscribe (even if you still want to use iTunes to manage your subscription).


Title Date published
#1243 The story of Socialism in America 2019-01-22
#1242 Fighting for a Green New Deal 2019-01-18
#1241 The Price of Empire (US Foreign Policy) 2019-01-15
#1240 The bare-knuckle fight for democracy itself 2019-01-11
#1239 Building the future of an international progressivism 2019-01-08
#1238 Bailouts, Tea Parties, Torture, Fear, Health Care and Citizens United (A Look Back at 2009) 2019-01-04
#562 Occupy My Heart 2019-01-02
#784 Christmas in black and white (War on Christmas™) (Repost) 2018-12-25
#1237 Understanding the Yellow Vests protest 2018-12-22
#1236 The War on Christmas™ 2018 2018-12-19
#1235 A Counterbalance to Canonization (The Political Life of George H.W. Bush) 2018-12-14
#1234 Neoliberalism and the fascism it breeds (Brazilian Election) 2018-12-11
#1233 The US-backed war fueling the worlds worst humanitarian crisis 2018-12-07
#1232 Understanding our last chance to save ourselves 2018-12-04
#1231 A new rise of hatred for an old target (Anti-Semitism) 2018-11-30
#1230 Thanksgiving and cultural heritage 2018-11-27
#1155 Leisure, Desperation or a Reorientation (The Future of Work) (Repost) 2018-11-23
#1229 The politics of anger from the Founding Fathers to the Women's Movement 2018-11-20
#1228 Why men will be better off without the patriarchy 2018-11-16
#1227 Stochastic Terrorism and the Bully Pulpit 2018-11-13

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