This podcast is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute best in left-leaning political news, commentary and occasional comedy with great music to pull it all together. In each edition I choose a political theme and deliver a variety of stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme. By the way, this is an ENHANCED PODCAST with cool features built in which is fun but that means that it's not compatible with everyone's audio player. For the STANDARD MP3 feed visit to subscribe (even if you still want to use iTunes to manage your subscription).


Title Date published
#1141 The perils of power and powerlessness (Toxic Masculinity) 2017-10-20
#1140 Smoke, mirrors and myth (Tax Cuts for the Wealthy) 2017-10-17
#1139 In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting 2017-10-13
#873 The other new Jim Crow (Voting rights) (Repost) 2017-10-10
#1138 Condemning, Defending and Rebuilding the Media 2017-10-06
#1137 A perfect blend of colonialism, racism and disaster capitalism (Puerto Rico) 2017-10-03
#1136 Doing the Right Thing After Exhausting All Other Options (Medicare For All) 2017-09-29
#1135 Understanding the Effects of Immigration 2017-09-26
#1085 A case against the myth of individualism (Culture) (Rerun) 2017-09-22
#1134 Unnatural Disasters (Hurricanes and Humans) 2017-09-19
#1133 Understanding Authoritarianism 2017-09-15
#1132 800,000 Hostages (Immigration and DACA) 2017-09-12
#1131 Inflicting pleasure (Media and Propaganda) 2017-09-08
#1130 Schoolyard bully with nuclear weapons (Foreign Policy) 2017-09-05
#902 Rethinking the fundamentals of drugs and addiction (Drug War) 2017-09-01
#1129 The free press has been bought (Corporate Media and Billionaires) 2017-08-29
#1128 Confronting fascism in the land of free speech 2017-08-25
#1127 White supremacy requires violence and there is more to come (Charlottesville) 2017-08-22
#870 Don't police me, bro! (Feminism) 2017-08-18
#1126 Explaining the concept you need to understand, Neoliberal Economics 2017-08-15

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