A layman's guide to a 150 years of research into the history presented in the Bible. I explore the religion of ancient Israel, and the development of Christianity through to the death of Paul. I discuss every single book in every Bible (there are more than you think!). Lightly garnished with a dash of drollery, a soupcon of scrutiny, and not one ounce of objectivity. Not one ounce! Until season three launches in early 2021, I will only release new bonus episodes.


Title Date published
2.60 An Epilogue and a Prologue: Season Two Finale 2020-08-09
2.59 The Fates of the Apostles 2020-07-19
2.58 Paul's Fate and Final Letters 2020-06-28
2.57 Paul's Arrest and Trial 2020-06-07
2.56 Paul's Third Mission: To the Corinthians and Romans 2020-05-17
2.55 Paul's Third Mission: To the Galatians 2020-04-26
Bonus 25: The Mysterious Q Source 2020-04-19
After-dinner Mint for 2.54: A Pagan visits Paul's Club in Thessalonica 2020-04-05
2.54 Paul's Second Mission: To The Greeks 2020-04-05
2.53 Paul's Lost and First Missions 2020-03-15
2.52 The Many Puzzles of Paul's Epistles 2020-02-23
2.51 We Need To Talk About Paul 2020-02-02
2.50 The First Jesus Club II: Tribulations 2020-01-12
2.49 The First Jesus Club I: Perfect Community 2019-12-22
2.48 Do You Think You’re What They Say You Are? 2019-12-01
2.47 The Resurrection 2019-11-10
Bonus 24 The Whacky Book of Daniel 2019-11-03
2.46 The Death of Jesus 2019-10-20
2.45 Jesus on Trial 2019-09-29
2.44 The Last Supper 2019-09-08

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