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Title Date published
46 Simon Girty the White Savage 2018-03-15
45 The Blood of the Innocent 2018-02-26
L06 Turtle Goes to War / Weasel and Owl 2018-02-18
44 The American Revolution IX: The Finals Years 2018-02-08
43 The American Revolution VIII: The Sullivan Expedition 2018-01-08
42 The American Revolution VII: Drums Along the Mohawk 2017-12-24
41 The American Revolution VI: Valley Forge 2017-11-29
40 The American Revolution V: Saratoga 2017-11-06
39 The American Revolution IV: Fort Stanwix and Oriskany 2017-10-12
38 The American Revolution III: Ticonderoga 2017-10-12
37 The American Revolution II: Choosing Sides 2017-10-04
36 The American Revolution I: Founding Grandfathers 2017-09-20
35 Logan the Orator 2017-08-31
34 Benjamin Franklin Laments 2017-08-08
33 Guyasuta and Pontiac's War 2017-08-05
BONUS - The Last of the Mohicans - Film Review with Steve Guerra 2017-07-19
L05 Skunny-Wundy and the Stone Giant 2017-07-06
32 The French and Indian War VII: The Fall of New France 2017-06-19
31 The French and Indian War VI: Fort Niagara, Falls 2017-05-29
30 The French and Indian War V: Turning Point 2017-05-23

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