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Title Date published
Why are we are on hiatus? Spoiler: Technology sucks. 2017-11-11
What is the funniest episode of The X-Files? Halloween Special 2017 2017-10-26
Which nerdy films were most overlooked at the Academy Awards? 2017-10-19
Who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of gaming? Featuring Fabio Del Rio 2017-10-05
Kirk or Picard? The 50th BNQ Episode 2017-09-18
Which comic and literary heroes most deserve a film adaptation? 2017-09-07
What is the best gateway anime? 2017-08-31
What is our favorite alternate reality? Featuring Jay Sandlin 2017-08-24
Who is more badass — Indiana Jones or Han Solo? 2017-08-10
Which Disney character would win the Hunger Games? 2017-07-27
Which sci-fi technology would most change the world? 2017-07-20
Whose death on Game of Thrones is the most memorable? 2017-07-13
Why 42? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Special 2017-07-06
What is the filmmaking process IRL (In Real Life)? - Interview with Bobby Del Rio 2017-06-29
Fallout vs. The Elder Scrolls - which is the better RPG series? 2017-06-15
Who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of nerdy television? 2017-06-08
Is the machine uprising like in The Terminator a real concern? 2017-06-01
What strange drawbacks would negate super powers? 2017-05-25
Who is worthy to lift Thor’s hammer? The Sequel 2017-05-18
What is the signficance of “genre” in genre fiction? (Featuring EC Ambrose) 2017-05-04

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