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Title Date published
Big Nerdy Wrestling #1: NJPW/ROH vs WWE - Crossover Chaos 2018-07-12
Who belongs on the Mt Rushmore of genre literature? 2018-07-04
What Mortal Kombat style fatalities would non-MK characters employ? 2018-06-15
A Brief Update 2018-05-17
What is the intersection of nerdy franchises with civil rights? Part I (Ft. Jeremy Whitley) 2018-05-03
Which fictional characters would make great comics? Featuring Kevin Gootee 2018-04-26
Big Nerdy Quickie: Ready Player One Review 2018-04-18
Which iconic squad would fare best in a crisis situation? 2018-04-12
Are tabletop games more immersive than video games? 2018-03-29
Which Harry Potter character is the most important aside from Harry, Ron, and Hermione? 2018-03-22
Big Nerdy Quickie #2: A Little Trivia, A Lot of News 2018-03-15
Which character would want to kill its author? Featuring Jen Finelli 2018-03-08
Who belongs on the Mt Rushmore of anime? 2018-03-01
What is it like to voice an iconic anime character? Featuring Petrea Burchard 2018-02-22
What is the best ship in the Star Trek franchise? 2018-02-15
Big Nerdy Quickie #1: Chris Cope (LANGUAGE WARNING) 2018-02-08
Who are the best and worst blind dates in The Simpsons and Futurama? 2018-02-04
SPECIAL - What happens when panelists keep talking after they're done recording for the day? (LANGUAGE WARNING) 2018-01-30
Which fictional universe would we least want to live in? Part II 2018-01-25
Special Announcement - Help us win a studio! 2018-01-24

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