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Title Date published
Actor Arrested for Fooling Man Out Of $24 Million (ft. Nikki Limo & Steve Greene) 2018-08-29
Woman Fired from NASA After Hilarious Tweets (ft. Silent Mike, Gina Darling, Nikki Limo, Steve Greene and David So) 2018-08-27
Korean Cult Leader Arrested for Stranding Followers in Fiji ft. Sam Tripoli, DavidSoComedy, Steve Greene & Nikki Limo) 2018-08-22
Colombian Police Dog in Witness Protection (ft. Sam Tripoli, Theo Von and DavidSoComedy) 2018-08-20
NY Times is NOT Firing Employee Over Tweets (ft. Steve Greene & DavidSoComedy) 2018-08-15
Day Care Provider Spared from Jail (ft. Nikki Limo & Gina Darling) 2018-08-13
Off The Record: Theo Goes to Asia And It's... Different? (ft. Theo Von & DavidSoComedy) 2018-08-08
Gamer Broke Up With Model Girlfriend for C.O.D. ft. Theo Von & DavidSoComedy 2018-08-06
WS - Hot Cheetos Ruining People's Stomachs (ft. Theo Von & DavidSoComedy) 2018-08-01
Japanese Company Sells Armpit Advertising ft. Theo Von & DavidSoComedy 2018-07-30
Starbucks to Phase Out Single-Use Straws (ft. Steve Greene, Ricky Shucks & DavidSoComedy) 2018-07-25
Researchers Have Proof Your Phone is Spying on You (ft. Steve Greene, Nikki Limo and Boze) 2018-07-23
Woman Bites Off Man’s Ear at Chinese Restaurant (ft. Dumbfoundead & Steve Greene) 2018-07-18
Child on Life Support is No Reason to Miss Work?? ft. Steve Greene, Nikki Limo, and David So 2018-07-16
Man Fined for Illegally Selling Certificates to Hikers (ft. Boze & DavidSoComedy) 2018-07-11
New Mural in LA Only for People With 20,000+ Followers (ft. Boze & DavidSoComedy) 2018-07-09
Rockets Fans Attack Ayesha Curry's New Restaurant (ft. Nikki Limo & DavidSoComedy) 2018-07-04
Childish Gambino Battling Accusations of Plagiarism (ft. Boze & DavidSoComedy) 2018-07-02
Woman's Mouth Overtaken by Squid Juice (ft. Steve Greene & DavidSoComedy) 2018-06-27
XXXTentacion Dies at 20 Years Old (ft. Nikki Limo & DavidSoComedy 2018-06-25

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