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Title Date published
TWiT 675: This Show Does Not Care About Humans 2018-07-15
TWiT 674: Go Dung Beetles! 2018-07-08
TWiT 673: The Prozac Dash Button 2018-07-01
TWiT 672: Meme the Queen 2018-06-24
TWiT 671: A Bad Day for the Internet 2018-06-17
TWiT 670: Go Theranos or Go Home 2018-06-10
TWiT 669: 15 Minutes of Fun 2018-06-03
TWiT 668: How Many Cups in a Stone? 2018-05-27
TWiT 667: Give Me your History Hat 2018-05-20
TWiT 666: Leave John Legend, Um, Alone! 2018-05-13

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