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Title Date published
TWiT 645: Not a Bright Guy 2017-12-17
TWiT 644: This Is Fine 2017-12-10
TWiT 643: Ambien Tech 2017-12-03
TWiT 642: Grandpa's Hairy Thumb 2017-11-26
TWiT 641: The Tesla Zamboni 2017-11-19
TWiT 640: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors 2017-11-12
TWiT 639: Anywhere but Albany 2017-11-05
TWiT 638: The Frightful 5 on the Splinternet 2017-10-29
TWiT 637: 11 Verified Herbs and Spices 2017-10-22
TWiT 636: A Fat Suit for Your Phone 2017-10-15

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