On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains.


Title Date published
1238: Dr. Georgia Ede Makes The Connection Between Brain Chemistry And Diet 2017-03-28
1237: Daniele Della Valle On Unlocking Body Confidence And Finding Your Happy Weight 2017-03-27
1236: Robb Wolf Evolves From Paleo To Personalized Nutrition With Wired To Eat (Part 2) 2017-03-22
1235: Robb Wolf Evolves From Paleo To Personalized Nutrition With Wired To Eat (Part 1) 2017-03-21
1234: Jimmy Moore - Keto And Fasting: Latest Fads Or The Keys To Optimal Health Lecture 2017-03-20
1233: Jason Seib Takes An AltShift Approach To Body Beliefs 2017-03-15
1232: Jason Thomas Brings Us The Perfect Keto Snack 2017-03-14
1231: Tyler Cartwright On The Ketogains Way To Better Health And Strength 2017-03-13
1230: Jim Abrahams On Fighting Childhood Epilepsy With Keto 2017-03-08
1229: Dr. Anthony Gustin Takes A Skeptic's Journey From Paleo To Keto 2017-03-07
1228: Dr. Phillip Blair Shines A Light On The Natural Endocannabinoid System 2017-03-06
1227: Dr. Scott Sherr Is Supercharging The Ketogenic Diet With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 2017-03-01
1226: Daniel Schulof Is Fighting The Dogma That Is Hurting Man's Best Friend 2017-02-28
1225: Gray Graham Educates Health Care Professionals About The Healing Power Of Food 2017-02-27
1224: Gary Taubes Dishes On The Current State Of Nutritional Health Research 2017-02-22
1223: Gary Taubes Shares An Update On The Future Of The Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) 2017-02-21
1222: Gary Taubes Shifts From Low-Carb And Instead Makes The Case Against Sugar 2017-02-20
1221: Dr. Cate Shanahan Digs Deep Into The Nutrition Science Of Traditional Diets 2017-02-15
1220: Victoria Adelus Is On a Quest To Make Quality Keto Foods Accessible 2017-02-14
1219: Julia Schopick Takes An Honest Look At Time-Tested Inexpensive Health Treatments 2017-02-13

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