On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains.


Title Date published
1257: Dr. William Davis On Why You Might Need To Fire Your Physician And Become Undoctored 2017-05-10
1256: Amy Savagian On Why Food Is The Most Effective Medicine For Prevention Of Chronic Disease 2017-05-09
1255: Dan Strechay On Creating Sustainable Palm Oil To Protect The Environment 2017-05-08
1254: Dr. Steven Gundry On Why Plants Might Be Making You Sick 2017-05-03
1253: Mike Starks From Personal Trainer Food On Why Low-Carb Real Food Always Beats Calorie Counting 2017-05-02
1252: Ellen Davis Translating Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s Research On Ketogenic Diets And Cancer 2017-05-01
1251: Dr. Jack Wolfson On Leaving The Insurance Gravy Train To Be The Paleo Cardiologist 2017-04-26
1250: McKay Jenkins On Whether GMOs Are The Real Problem With The American Diet 2017-04-25
1249: Victor Macias And Kristoffer Quiaoit From Keto Kookie On Making Keto Tasty 2017-04-24
1248: Dr. David Perlmutter Argues That Fat Is The Cornerstone Of A Brain Smart Diet 2017-04-19
1247: Amy Berger Finds A New Audience For The Ketogenic Antidote To Alzheimer’s Disease 2017-04-18
1246: Nate Elmore Is Teaching People How To Achieve Alpha 2017-04-17
1245: Tom Naughton On Raising Fat Head Kids 2017-04-12
1244: Leanne Vogel On Tweaking The Keto Diet To Find What Works For You 2017-04-11
1243: Eric Remensperger Is On A Quest To Cure Cancer 2017-04-10
1242: Dr. Terry Wahls Is Treating Pain And Chronic Disease With Wahls Protocol 2017-04-05
1241: Stephanie Dodier Takes A Mind And Body Approach To Crush Your Cravings 2017-04-04
1240: Dr. Stacey Reason Is Treating McArdle Disease With A Ketogenic Diet 2017-04-03
1239: Dr. Judson Brewer Gets To The Root Of Addictive Behaviors And Bad Habits 2017-03-29
1238: Dr. Georgia Ede Makes The Connection Between Brain Chemistry And Diet 2017-03-28

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